Abdul Razak Biography - Abdul Razak Yakubu

Mr. Yakubu is a Political, Governance, and Development Consultant by profession. He has a Masters of Sciences degree in Conflict Governance and International Development from the School of International Development (DEV), University of East Anglia Norwich in the United Kingdom. His areas of competency are Peace and Security, Good Governance, Political Economy Analysis, International Affairs, and Rural Politics & Policies and Post-Conflict Reconstruction. He also has a degree in Business Administration from Wisconsin International University College of Ghana and a Diploma in Business Studies from University of Professional Studies (UPSA) Ghana. Mr. Yakubu has over 10 years of experience providing Political Economy Analysis and conducting high profile research into the political and business environment for a variety of clients including local companies, international businesses, multi-national organizations, foreign governments, as well as individuals looking to invest in Ghana and in West Africa broadly.

Mr Yakubu is member of Rotary International, Rotary Club of Accra Roman Ridge an organization with a global population of about 1.2 million. Mr. Yakubu is a philanthropist involved in many humanitarian activities in Ghana. Mr. Yakubu was President of the Chevening Alumni Association of Ghana from 2019 to 2022; Chevening is   a UK government funded scholarship targeted at young leaders globally with a population of about 65,000 members.

Mr Yakubu is keen on projecting Ghana as the right place for investment in Africa and has been working with foreign governments, the private sector, and Africans in the diaspora to make this a reality. As a Pan-African, he has long been interested in African unity and solidarity. In 2012 he co-founded the Youth Movement for African Unity (YMAU), a Pan-African youth-oriented organization headquartered in Ghana. YMAU currently has members across the continent who are committed to championing African unity and addressing some of the continents major socio-economic and political challenges.

Mr. Yakubu is a strong advocate of inter-African trade and is committed to establish strong business relationships with colleagues within the African continent and African businesses globally.  Most importantly, Yakubu is an abolitionist, climate advocate, anti-corruption campaigner, human and civil rights activist, and a campaigner against modern day slavery with special focus on the commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls.

Mr. Yakubu is passionate about politics for development starting early in student politics during his university days. He did some local-level politics from 2003 to 2008 before venturing into the non-government sector as a human and civil rights campaigner working for the Enslavement Prevention Alliance West-African. As an individual, he believes politics can be used for the benefit of humanity and to advance human development. Mr. Yakubu has experience working with local political stakeholders (political parties) on inclusive politics (women and youth), promoting open, transparent, and accountable governance