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Abdul Razak Yakubu

Mr. Yakubu has over 10 years of experience providing Political Economy Analysis and conducting high profile research into the political and business environment for a variety of clients including local companies, international businesses, multi-national organizations, foreign governments, as well as individuals looking to invest in Ghana and in West Africa broadly.


Young leaders are found virtually in all areas of work in Africa and many of them are demonstrating semblance of hope that given the right platform, and the right opportunities, they can be change champions. Therefore, the time has come for the new generation of youth leaders to step forward with creative and collective strategies to address some of the continent’s leadership, management and socioeconomic challenges which would lead to a developed and unified continent.

3 March 1984

Date of Birth

Born in Tamale at the M.R.S Military Hospital in Kamina Barracks to Rtd Staff Sgt. Yakubu Moro, a soldier of the 6th Battalion Infantry (6BN)

September 2000

Secondary Education

Between 2000 and 2002 I attended Tamale Senior High School

May 2009

Tertiary Education

Between 2009-2011 i obtained a BSc in Business Studies from the Wisconsin International University.

September 2014

Post Graduate Education

At the Postgraduate level, I attended the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK where i obtained an MA in Conflict, Governance and International Development

January 2016

Political Advisor

Currently i work as the Political Advisor with British High Commission in Accra where i monitor, report and provide analysis on internal politics in Ghana.



Ghana Cedis in Contiributions So Far

Our Promise

We are working to meet our aim of aiding development in our local community, which will be the ladder for a broader development agenda
to our course.

Let's transform communities with innovative ideas and creative thinking.

Focus on the interest of communities and people.

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