ARY Foundation - Abdul Razak Yakubu

The Abdul-Razak Yakubu (ARY) Foundation is a non-profit organization seeking to provide a platform, and to champion the implementation of localized strategies in promoting and addressing the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals in Ghana. This is linked with the UN agenda to end poverty, protect the planet and see to it that there is global prosperity for all citizens by 2030.

The ARY Foundation is committed to the following five (5) objectives:

1. Education

To provide scholarships for brilliant but needy members of the constituency regardless of sex, ages, race, religion and ethnicity or tribe. The organization will provide basic educational materials to local community schools, provide a sound and healthy environment for teaching and learning.

2. Skills Development for women and youth

The foundation shall provide entrepreneurial opportunities through community-based apprentice programmes such as dress making, soap making, shoe repairs, small scale, capacity budling opportunities on short certificate programmes fire safety, emergency and disaster management training.

a. Youth in Driving

Quarterly the ARY Foundation will recruit and train ten (10) community members in driving. The Foundation will also provide funding for them to acquire drivers license so that the youth will be ready for the job market. A work and pay vehicle acquisition model will help them become car owners and will become self-employed.

b. Urban Agriculture

Free-Poultry farming (Layers): The ARY Foundation seek to invest in small-scale free-range poultry farms as a means to providing life skills and jobs for the communities and a way providing employment.

- Grasscutter farming

The ARY foundation will help provide unemployed youth sustainable jobs by helping them invest in grasscutter farms. The youth will be engaged and will abstain from social vices and become productive citizens and change agents helping themselves and their families.

- Fish farming

The Foundation will provide funding for organized groups or cooperatives to help the setup backyard commercial fish ponds. This will provide sustainable jobs, and help improve food production in the community.

- Mushroom farming

The foundation will select and train the constituent living in less privilege communities the act of farming, processing and selling of mushrooms to make a living.

All the above by the ARY Foundation is to create sustainable economic growth and decent employment for all.

3. Climate Change & Sanitation

Shall work with the people to promote tree planting for a better and conducive climate. Establish localized Campaign against single used plastic in Ghana especially with the rural urban communities. This will help prevent flooding and reduce the soil and water pollution in the country.

4. Good Health and Wellbeing

To ensure people live healthy lives and can cut child mortality and raise life expectancy. Therefore, ARY will work to encourage healthy life styles, exercising (Sports and other physical activities) and provide health education using professionals to inform citizens.

5. End poverty

To introduce, advocate and implement innovative ideas and social policies that will help improve the living conditions of all persons.” Everyone should have basic healthcare, security and education” UN.